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Work-from-Anywhere Respite: Removes the stress of arranging your working vacation.

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How Does Workation Benefit Your Company?

Workation allows your company to stand out from the crowd with innovative incentives, recruitment strategies, corporate work-life balance, health and wellness programmes to retain and recruit top performers. Workation provides your remote staff with a whole new level of self-fulfilment and benefits in a world where work-from-home is the standard.




Why your company needs a Workation Policy

A recent survey by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) found that 72% of Indian companies are open to the idea of workations. The survey also found that millennials are the most likely to be interested in workations, with 85% of them saying they would be interested in trying it.


Research also shows that taking time off work can improve job performance, creativity, and overall well-being.​

Employers are struggling to provide incentives and benefits to sustain employee morale for their remote workforce.

Workation clients found a renewed sense of inspiration when traveling and learned valuable skills and tools whilst working remotely.​

No down time in productivity for company​.

How to enroll your company for a Workation - It’s Free!

Register your business

The process of registering your business with Workation is free of charge. You may ask any questions and receive assistance from a Workation Advisor.

Create a workation policy for your business

Create a customised workation policy for your firm that takes into account the size, personnel, and goals of your operation. To assist you in getting started, our Workation Advisor will provide some best practises.

Declare the new employee benefits

When planning their personal Workation itinerary, your Employees will take advantage of exclusive partnership perks and inclusions.Depending on a company's yearly use, inclusions and perks will change.

How to enroll your company for workation
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